Sighting of the Orbs on the Night of Yom Kippur and the Blood Moon of 2014

(Photo of the Passover 2014 Blood Moon)

by J.B. (submitted to us by a Christian acquaintence)

On the night of Yom Kippur 2014, my children and I witnessed a spiritual phenomenon outside our home. This particular Jewish Feast Day was special because it happened to be the year of the Blood Moon. This event took place during a health crisis, and I was praying heavily for healing.

On this night, I was feeling particularly sick. I was in moderate abdominal pain, which I had been having since the Blood Moon sighting during the Passover of that spring. Because I knew that Yom Kippur, according to the Jewish belief, was the day that they received national forgiveness, I was fervently praying to my Father in heaven for a healing in the name of Christ Jesus. I was planning on waking at 3 a.m. to go outside with my family to see the Blood Moon. This was the time that the moon was to be at its peak eclipse in my local area.

At 3 a.m. I woke everyone up to go outside of our mobile home and view the moon from the back deck. Our back deck was not roofed. My daughter and I walked out the door first. The deck was small, you could only see the moon if you walked to the far end of the deck (the opposite side parallel with the side of the house) by looking back over the roof of the home which is where the moon was.

My daughter and I had reached this side of the deck first and we turned and looked over the roof simultaneously and that is when the orb appeared. It was the size of a basketball and it appeared over one end of the home about 3 feet above the ridge line of the roof. It was a blue green color of light and it looked like a big giant sparkler, the kind like for the fourth of July. It had the same sizzling, pulsing effect. There was no noise though. It could also be compared to the behavior of the arc of a weld when viewing it through a welding helmet.

We saw it appear on one end of the mobile home roof and fly quite quickly (about 3 seconds) down the ridge line of the mobile home to the other end. We both gasped at the same time and pointed and hollered for my son and husband to look. They did not look up in time to see it. For about 3 minutes we gazed at the moon and talked of this orb. My husband, who is not the excitable type, decided that he was tired and wanted to go back to bed. He retreated back into the house. The children and I stood outside a few more minutes. We walked off the deck into the backyard and were standing there when the orb reappeared. Approximately 15 ft away from where we were standing was a homemade swing set made from telephone poles. It was a typical archway, two pillars on either side set in the ground with a crossbar pole straddling across the top. The swing set is about 15 ft tall. 4 ft above the swing set by one of the end pillars the same orb appeared and flew quite quickly again along the crossbar of the swing set to the other pillar, and as it approached the trees that were to the side of the swing set it disappeared. This sighting lasted 4-5 seconds. We all saw it at the same time and gasped and pointed as we watched it. I never saw it again, nor have my children. After that, my medical issues cleared up and I healed.

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