My Vision of the Rapture

1995 by J.B.

(This was a private testimony given to us by a Christian acquaintence)

In the early summer between my 9th and 10th grade years, I was involved in an all girls’ Bible study group. It was led by the mother of one of my friends. There were about 6 girls in this group and we were all friends at school.

Our group went to a Christian weekend retreat for teenagers held at a community college. There was preaching, fellowshipping, worshiping, food, games, and competitions. We performed a skit and won 2nd place. We had a lot of fun and this was the first Christian camp I had been to.

Of all the things that happened that weekend, the one thing that will never leave my mind was one of the sermons that was preached. It had to do with the Second Coming of Christ and the Tribulation. I had never heard this stuff before. All my Sunday school teachings had been focused on Christ and His death and Resurrection. There wasn’t any focus on prophecy and End Time events. The sermon filled me with fear.

I came home and for about a week was gripped with anxiety in regards to my salvation. I had never questioned my salvation before this. I had been saved since I was 10 years old. At the Friday night Bible study, I confided this to my friend’s mom, and asked her what I should do about it. All she told me to do was to pray for God to give me peace about this.

I went home that night and as I laid in bed, I prayed earnestly for God to give me peace about my salvation. I then drifted off to sleep. That night, I had a dream so frightening, so real, so extraordinary, that I thought it was real. I had never, nor since, had a dream this vivid.

I was in my school in the music room. All my classmates were there-even the ones who never took choir or band. We were sitting around the piano in a half moon shape in fold up metal chairs. The music teacher was not there, but a familiar substitute teacher was filling in for her, and he was standing next to the piano. It was during the school day, about afternoon time. Everyone was nervous and fearful and the atmosphere was very serious.

Immediately I knew in the dream that we were in war. America had had a first strike nuclear attack. There were loud booms heard outside and we all knew nuclear fall-out was outside in the air. I was never told, nor did anyone in the dream speak this out loud, but I knew in my mind that it was the Russians and Chinese. I don’t know why I knew it was them, my family was not political at all and I had very little memory of the Soviet Union or the Cold War. I was a little girl at the time it ended and have no memory of it, because my folks never spoke of it. They were, once again, not politically minded at all. Nor were they the type to talk of history or have the news on the T.V. very much. We never had much modern recent history given at school, as they focused on the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Some of the kids were asking what was going to happen, and the teacher couldn’t answer them. I knew that the school was holding us until somehow our parents got there. I was lucky. I lived across the street from the school, and my mom worked there. I knew that I could get home, but I was worried over my brother and dad who were in another town. I didn’t know how they would get home. The bombs were increasing in intensity and frequency and there was a feeling of terror and hopelessness.

As panic started to set in, I noticed a bright shining light coming out of the nostrils, eyes and mouth of my friend sitting two chairs away from me. The light was so bright, it was a white light and it grew within her body, you could actually see it under her skin, until there was a bright white flash and then she was gone. It was as fast as the twinkle of an eye, but it was slow motion to me. Everyone around could see that she was gone, and they started screaming. I looked at my other friend who was sitting next to me, and the same thing happened to her. One of the kids yelled “What happened?!” and the teacher answered “It’s the Rapture”.

Just then, I noticed light coming from my mouth and nostrils and I looked down at my hands and I saw the light under my skin, until the light enveloped me, blinding me totally. I was in a bright white light, so bright, so peaceful, so joyful, so loving, that nothing mattered anymore, I knew I was safe, I had no questions, I was completed, there was no fear, no confusion, true peace. I knew I was in heaven, and I knew I was with Jesus. I didn’t see anything, and this white light was there only a short moment, but I’ve never had feelings that intense down on earth. I’ve never experienced these feelings again, even in moments of joy on earth, such as my wedding, the birth of my children, nothing. I then awoke. It was morning, and I had the largest smile plastered across my face. I had been smiling for awhile because when I awoke, I felt the muscles in my cheeks were tired.

Since then, I have never doubted the Rapture, and at the time, had never heard of it. It wasn’t preached at the Christian camp, just the Tribulation was, and my Bible study teacher never spoke of it. I learned what the Rapture was after I had this dream and started studying the Bible more diligently. I will never forget how my Father in Heaven chose to qualm all my fears and give me true peace. I have experienced doubters of my testimony and doubters of the Rapture doctrine and people have tried to convince me otherwise, but to no avail-I will never lose Hope. It was a special communication from heaven, that I was His, and in His hand forever. Blessed be the Father through my Savior Christ Jesus.

If you have had visions of the Rapture and would like us to post them here, please email

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