Guardians of the Grail

By J.R. Church

a book report by America is babylon

Spawning from before medieval Europe is the legend of the Holy Grail, and the affair between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.  Did He and Mary Magdalene produce sacred children?  And what exactly is the Grail?  These are the questions that Church answers in this book.  
The timing of having read this book now is divine Providence, no less.  As I believe that though this book was written in 1989, it speaks about what is taking place today, (2016).  The political climate of today is boiling over and populism is rising.  The average citizen of the European nations are fed up with the constant globalist agenda shoved upon them by the elites through the auspices of the European Union.  The British voted this summer to succeed from the E.U. and this patriotic maneuver, ‘Brexit’, as it’s been dubbed, is spreading like wildfire to the citizens of France, Germany and The Netherlands who are all singing the same song.  Far right parties are rising in their countries respectively.  It seems to look that globalism and multiculturalism has lost it’s allure and that the carefully constructed European Union is just hanging on by a thread.  
Up until this point, I thought it was definitely the End Times, that I would see Christ Jesus come back no less then ten years from now.  I have had this apocalyptic viewpoint for about 7 years already, so this move against the New World Order was quite a shock and made me think twice whether the sympathies I’ve held all these years regarding the timing of the Lord’s Coming were ‘off’.  Maybe we had more time on earth.  Maybe this isn’t God’s time for the End?  
The nationalist fervor has hit America as we just elected Donald Trump as our president.  No way would this man had been considered anti-establishment 20 years ago, however this is how desperate we have become.  I see this as a failure unfortunately.  There are many patriotic and Christian Americans who have an almost Messianic affection for Trump.  This is what worries me most.  What if he doesn’t deliver?  Or worse yet, wonder if this anti-globalist establishment movement backfires?  I see coming persecution to God’s people in the near future!
What does this have to do with a medieval legend?  This legend happens to revolve around a historical dynasty of kings named the Habsburg dynasty.  This kingdom ruled over 10 nations, from medieval Europe until the end of World War I, which ended their reign.  These kings claim to descend from a single man by the name of Merovee from France.  He was the descendent of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, as the legend tells.  This fable was introduced in the movie entitled The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks.  This dynasty, (Church affirms and I believe the same), will produce the Antichrist for the New World Order.  
Church explains that the Holy Grail can be considered a spiritual awakening of the Third Eye.  This can be done through drugs or meditation.  There are many religions who espouse this type of doctrine with different terminologies but they are in essence in quest of the same thing- the Holy Grail.  The chance to become like Gods.  This is the same lie told to Adam and Eve in the garden before the fall.  They fell for this lie and mankind has been falling for it ever since.  Church gives much explanation and esoteric detail of the symbols used by these secret societies and religions who quest for the Grail to help the Christian reader understand how this quest has been going on around him covertly and now overtly from the beginning of time.  Sometimes Christians get in their mainstream bubbles, and while they know they are fighting an enemy in high places, they get in the bad habit of not treating it very seriously.  Ephesians 6:12
Church is a Christian so he concludes that this Holy Grail is indeed Luciferianism and that it will lead to an eternal damnation to hell, completely separate from God.  This type of quest is a demonic one, yet, many elite people as well as average individuals are seeking the enlightenment.  The occult is the fastest growing religion on the earth now.
During the Crusades, there was a secret military society formed called the Knights Templar.  They patrolled the road from Israel to Europe.  They eventually became the first group of international bankers. They were outlawed by the Roman Church, so they therefore went underground.  
Another organization called the Priory of Sion was the nucleus of the Knights Templar as being their political arm of the organization.  This group was aspiring to capture the wealth of the world, establish their own world government, and set a Merovingian King to sit upon a throne in Jerusalem.  During the Crusades when the Knights Templar were in Jerusalem, they set about to digging for the buried treasure of the ancient Jewish Temple.  Legend has it that they found this treasure.  The Priory of Sion is said to be the true possessors of the Temple treasury and the behind the scenes controllers of the world’s currencies.  While the Knights Templar no longer exists, the Priory of Sion does.
“In 1979 Mr. Pierre Plantard De Saint-Clair, the present secretary General of the Priory of Sion, was interviewed in Paris, France by reporters from the BBC.  When asked the question, “Does the Priory of Sion possess the treasures of the ancient Jewish Temple?”, he said, “Yes”.  He added, “They will be returned to Jerusalem when the time is right.”  Pierre Plantard himself is a descendant of the Merovingian bloodlines.” page 27
The Magdalene is the carrier of the Holy Grail.  This can also be spiritualized as it was her womb which carried the Christ divine bloodline.  This gives the genealogical birthright to rule over the world which is what the Antichrist will proclaim!  
The legend tells that Christ and Mary Magdalene had children, and guess what, they hopped a boat to France (ancient Gaul) and set up shop!  This is where we see the first king “Merovee”.  The legend also says that Christ never died on the cross, it was Judas who died instead.
Why do I believe the legend has validity today?  Because I now know, that the New World Order is right on time- despite the current breakup that’s happening to it.  
How can the New World Order commence if the European Union is falling apart?  
“At no other time in history has such an alliance been formed which includes the countries once a part of the original Roman Empire.  One of the most significant things about this confederation is that it now is comprised of twelve nations.  According to Bible prophecy, this current alignment cannot continue.  There are not twelve nations prophesied in the Bible, only ten.  It is likely that two or more nations will withdraw from membership for some presently unknown reason.” page 218
This statement hit me between the eyes.  I completely disregarded what the Scriptures plainly state!! While the E.U. is a precursor to the revived Roman Empire of the Antichrist, it now has too many nations.  Currently there are 28- with Britain attempting to leave as this is written.  I do not know what ones will end up leaving or staying, but it is ironic that no-one remembers this little tidbit of prophecy that is plainly stated in the Scriptures.  Ultimately only 10 nations will remain in this economic alliance. While it may seem that the breakup of the European Union is a sign that the World Order is dead, it truly is not.  It is actually a sign that the World Order of Antichrist is about to emerge.
“The country of Turkey has also sought membership in the European Common Market.  This too, cannot be, for Turkey is prophesied as confederated with Russia when she makes her invasion against Israel.  That is found in Ezekiel 38:5.  Turkey is referred to as the ‘house of Togarmah’.  Ezekiel 38:13 makes reference to the ten-nation confederation during the Battle of Gog and Magog. This European alliance is referred to as the ‘merchants of Tarshish’.  Notice, the use of the term ‘merchants’ corresponds with the European Economic Community.  It all revolves around money and commercial trade.” pages 218-219
This has just happened! Turkey has gone in a 20 year time span (1996-now) from a secular predominately Orthodox Christian nation to a Muslim one! All thanks to Erdogan, it’s president, an ardent Sunni Muslim.  Christians are now rare in this nation.  Turkey officially as of November 2016 was rejected by the European Union for membership.  They have already aligned with Russia in respect with trade and economic deals.  
The other detail needing to be noted in the above quote is that this revived Roman Empire of Antichrist is an economic one, hence the mark of the beast and it determining who is able to buy and sell.  That is exactly what the European Union evolved into rather then being a safety alliance to deter world wars as originally proposed to the war torn countries of Europe.
“Daniel saw the rise of a great world ruler from among the ten nations.  This ‘little horn’ who rises up above the other is believed to be the predicted antichrist.  With the arrival of this world ruler there will be a war- possibly the war of Gog and Magog.  In the course of the battle, three of the ten nations will be destroyed.  The scenario is portrayed in Revelation 13 and describes the creature as a beast with seven heads and ten horns.  The passage indicates the possibility that Russia will invade Europe as well as the Middle East.  The scriptures in Ezekiel 38 include the merchants of Tarshish, though the ancient prophet Ezekiel sees the battle from an Israeli point of view.  The great seven-year period of tribulation may begin with seven nations that survive the Battle of Gog and Magog, with three European nations left in ashes.” page 223
Church claims that the merchants of Tarshish are not the United States as some prophecy experts have concluded, but it is this Roman Empire.  This is very eery considering that the Cold War between Russia, the United States and Europe has flared back up again after being dead for over 25 years!  We see massive anti-Russian propaganda and the talk of nuclear war is back upon the politicians and military men’s minds!  We have already sanctioned Russia since 2014 economically, which is virtually a mechanism of warfare.  There is an extremely tense situation brewing.  
Couple this with the fact that Russia has intervened in the Syrian conflict and now is heavily stationed in the Middle East, perched directly north of Israel.  It would not take much for Russia’s military to invade Israel, on the pretense of a border skirmish between Israel and Syria.
Bringing this to a conclusion: the Habsburg dynasty was cast out after World War I.  Their king  was murdered in Sarajevo, the event that triggered World War I.  All dynasties of Europe are related and intermarried into the Habsburgs.  They are known as Merovingian Kings, as they carry the ancient blood of Merovee.  The stranger part, is according to the legend, this Merovingian king was a Danite, one of the ancient tribes of Israel!  The blessing that Jacob (Israel) gives his children at his death is interesting as he calls Dan a serpent.  The tribe of Dan was the first tribe to succumb to idolatry in the Scriptures.  They also left their tribal allotted geographical area.  Did they migrate to Europe and set up a dynasty?  This is all speculation but Church brings many interesting facts to light to back this myth up.  
Even according to Jewish tradition, the rabbis teach that the persecutor of the Jewish people will be from the tribe of Dan.  Will the Antichrist be of the tribe of Dan?  Interesting thought.
“Neither will he regard the ‘desire of women’, an ancient term referring to the Messiah.  It was the desire of every Jewish mother to bear the Messiah.  Christ was the ‘desire of women’.”  page 301 (Daniel 11:36-39)

As we can see, this would not be the desire of a woman to bear the Antichrist!  We also find that in Revelation chapter 7, there are 144,000 men listed as being sealed by God’s Holy Spirit and protected from the wrath.  Of these it is divided to 12,000 from each Israelite tribe.  The tribe of Dan is missing.  Could this be because his tribe is the European monarchies and they are the ones who will back and support the Antichrist?  Will the Antichrist be one of their own?  Only the good Lord knows the day or the hour of His return, but we are told we will see signs.  I believe that we are witnessing the birth pangs of the labor- the rise of the Antichrist and God’s wrath.
We live in interesting times indeed!

Church, J. R. Guardians of the Grail– and the Men Who Plan to Rule the World! Prophecy Publications, 1991. 

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