America, Mystery Babylon: Part 5


Revelation 17: Many preachers have cited this chapter as the reason America isn’t Babylon.  They say it is because the world order of kings turns against the woman, a.k.a. Mystery Babylon, and watches her burn. They believe the Revived Roman Empire isn’t here yet, so therefore how could it burn America?  The actual Greek rendering is that this Union for the Mediterranean stole all of the whore’s resources and sucked her dry. They used the whore and then secretly knew about the coming attack and did nothing to stop it, making them complicit in it. There may be back door deals between this Union and the Russians. They may encourage the Russians to go against America in exchange for eastern Europe.

The understanding lies in the fact that Mystery Babylon is the woman that rides the beast of the New World Order, which is already established as the Union for the Mediterranean and is in place now.  Revelation 17:16,18.  The Europeans secretly hate America and are jealous of her.  This has always been.  They have tolerated America because they blew themselves to smithereens in WW1 and WW2 allowing America to step in and fill their economic void, catapulting America into her superpower status.  They have never gotten over this jealousy, and they know they have been sucking America dry financially through the bad trade deals and NATO.  Trump recognized, this and attempted to rectify this lopsided situation which is why the globalist Europeans hated him. 


Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 describe the coalition of Russia and the Muslim “stan” nations (Central Asian nations that surround the Caspian sea.) as the Gog and Magog war.  These nations are better labeled the Muslim hordes.

According to scholars the destroyers of Mystery Babylon are the Medes and Persians along with a coalition of other nations Jeremiah 50: 41; 51: 27,28 /Isaiah 13:17; 21:2.  The Medes are ancient Russians and the Persians are the Iranians. The ancient Medes were actually immigrants from Russia that had migrated south and made a coalition kingdom with Persia (modern day Iran).  The spirit of the king of the Medes is revitalized in the last days to come against Babylon. Jeremiah 51:11.  This ancient spirit of the king of the Medes has a name, and this demon’s name is Gog. This means that the ancient demonic spirit that controlled the empire of the Medes will manifest again and control Vladimir Putin influencing him and Russia to fulfill the prophecy. 

Putin is possessed by an ancient demonic spirit named Gog (an ancient spirit behind the kings of the Medes) Jeremiah 51:11/ Ezekiel 39:1= The demonic possession just recently took place.  A few months back rumors were circulating in western media regarding Putin having come down with Parkinson’s disease.  He was witnessed to be having twitches and shakings.  This is not Parkinson’s but possession of the kundalini spirit.  These are the classic manifestations, twitching and spastic body movements.  Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel also had “spastic” episodes filmed during Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and when Merkel was leading a public memorial.  They both are also possessed with demons.  

 God puts hooks into Putin’s jaws to pull him down into the Middle East area preparing an onslaught against Israel = Putin has tried diplomatic maneuvers and recourse to the Syrian war, but to no avail.  The bible actually states that Russia goes down into this area of Syria years before they invade Israel for the Gog and Magog war Ezekiel 38:8 and this is exactly what Putin has done.  He has been in Syria since 2015.  Isis and the phony war against Assad has forced Russia to take an aggressive stance by occupying Syria.  The Scripture insinuates that Putin didn’t want to do this, but was forced spiritually to do it.  Ultimately, Gog’s (demonically possessed Vladimir Putin) reasoning behind the invasion of Israel is because of spoils.  Remember, an evil thought comes into the mind of Putin according to the passage in Scriptures. Russia has not invested in anything but energy resource income.  Sanctions upon Russia increases their lust for oil revenue spoils. The coming Great Reset and green energy movement will pressure Russia to lash out to preserve herself Jeremiah 50:23.  

Putin has recently tried to encourage agriculture in Russia, but it is too late for this.  Had Russia had an industrial revolution in the early 1900s instead of the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia would have become the world power- but they didn’t.  This is because they were not meant to according to God’s will.  Ezekiel 38:11-15

Turkey’s turn from secularization to Muslim dictatorship. = This has been fulfilled through Erdogan, the Turkish leader’s reign. Turkey was voted down from E.U. membership a few years ago, though they have been trying for membership for many years.  They are only NATO now, and that has been compromised as our State Department warned in 2019 that if Turkey took delivery of a Russian weapons’ system, NATO membership would be terminated.  Well guess what?  Turkey took delivery.  This is Biblical, as Turkey is the house of Togarmah (part of the Muslim hordes) and she aligns with Russia in the Gog and Magog war which is coming. Ezekiel 38:6. Turkey is playing both sides with the Americans and the Russians, but the bible clearly states that ultimately, Turkey will choose Russia over America for the invasion of Israel.

We must also realize that Jeremiah 51:27, 28 explains that prior to the Medes (Russia) going against Babylon (America), she invades the lands of Armenia and Azerbaijan. This has happened. There was a border dispute between the Azeris and the Armenians. Russia came in and allowed the Azeris to claim the disputed territory and the Armenians evacuated. This allows Russia to entrench her military in these nations in the name of peace keeping so that she can build up arms there, and use this area as a launch pad into the Middle East in the Gog and Magog war. 

Gog and Magog (Russia and the Muslim hordes allying with them) will be destroyed by the Lord Himself shortly after they destroy Babylon (America) by their armies turning upon one another and natural calamities like earthquakes awakening the volcanoes which throw down fire and brimstone. Ezekiel 38:20-23  The reason China isn’t destroyed at this time is because she doesn’t attempt to invade Israel.  God only pronounces judgment upon Mystery Babylon (America) and allows Russia to overcome her.  However God destroys Russia and the Muslim hordes because they then take the opportunity to invade Israel shortly afterwards, which isn’t God’s will.  Because China fails to invade Israel, she will be spared the destruction pronounced upon Russia and the Muslim hordes. China will be destroyed later on in the Tribulation at the battle of Armageddon when she marches her 200 million man army over the Euphrates River to Megiddo Revelation 16:12-16/ Revelation 9:15,16.

What about China?

China will be a background supporter with Russia. A deal will be worked between them and the Russians prior regarding China getting to colonize the United States when they are destroyed. Russian will attempt to invade the land of Israel shortly after the Babylonian destruction, maybe even days later.  China will not actually try to invade Israel- as Russia and the Muslim hordes do in Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39.  China will only be an ally nation with the Muslim/Russian hordes.  This is because once the Russian/Muslim hordes are supernaturally destroyed by God after they destroy America (for turning on Israel); China will then take her 200 million man army to march to Megiddo for the battle of Armageddon.  This final battle happens at the end of the 7 year Tribulation. Revelation 16:12,16/ Revelation 9:14-16. China will be preserved for this. 

Why not China?

China is an ally and neighbor to Russia and we currently see relations going down rapidly between the United States and the Chinese. This does not mean that China will be totally innocent in the attack against the United States, but they also have world domination aspirations of their own and they know that if they exhaust their weapons and resources in taking America down militarily, that they would be weak against Russia. China will placate the Russians and tell them they are confederate with them, but this is so Russia will weaken herself in order for China to have time to eventually come against Russia. This is what the Chinese Communist Party talks of. China will allow Russia to go against Israel and possibly eastern Europe in exchange for colonizing rights in the destroyed United States. China has a future plan to colonize and take over the United States and you can read about that here.


When the Russians and their coalition destroy America, the Lord Himself destroys the Russian/Muslim hordes.  This will allow the Union for the Mediterranean to emerge and fill the power vacuum. They will be the New World Order leaders that sat and watched the whole thing, and probably secretly knew the attack was coming to America yet did not warn her, nor stand by her and fight for her.  This is showcased in the recent falling away of our European Allies under Trump when he tried to make fair the trade deals.  They didn’t like it one bit.
Mystery Babylon doctrine teaches that she has 3 legs of power:  ecclesiastical, political/military, commerce.  The same kings that abhor Mystery Babylon (America) and allow her destruction, mourn for her economic destruction.  However, they must destroy her, in order for them to give complete power over to the Beast as the only object of worship.  Revelation 17:16,17/ Revelation 13:4.  

This woman who represents Mystery Religion (all secret occult societies such as Freemasonry/Illuminism) have caused massive blood shed of the saints in the earth and will in the coming Tribulation.  These secret occult groups financed all the wars in the past 300 years, killing many Christians throughout time through Mystery Religion’s occult banking system.  The Vatican has always been working in tandem with the secret Mystery religions too.  It is Mystery Religion that has demoralized American culture and introduced the women’s liberation movement and the drug culture.  This has opened the door to legalized abortion, murdering many unborn saints in Christ.  America has just won the despicable honor of #1 human trafficking nation according to the media recently. Ancient and papal Rome where were Mystery Religion was once seated all throughout the Christian era, but after the Protestant Reformation papal Rome and the Mystery Religion seat moved to America and set up shop there as papal Rome’s power faded amongst the European nations.  Once America is destroyed, Mystery Religion will be seated under Antichrist in the Union for the Mediterranean and will fulfill the Tribulation prophecies and is where she will be destroyed by Christ’s second coming, which says that the Truth will come from His mouth as a bright sword and smite the nations.  This is the Truth of the true religion, Christ.


The Antichrist will be emerged before the destruction of Babylon (and the 7 year Tribulation), but he may not be known and recognized by Christians at that time as the first BEAST.  If not Prince Charles or his son Prince William, it will be a Union for the Mediterranean member representative that is rising up the ranks within this organization and has a royal pedigree.  He will probably be unknown to most average ordinary people now as these politicians are not voted in by the peoples of Europe but are peer appointed.  He will get his power given to him once Babylon is destroyed by the 10 kings that are ruling now at the time simultaneously. Revelation 17:12,13


Many people still believe Mystery Babylon is Rome/Vatican= Roman Catholicism is a partial fulfillment of mystery Babylon, but she is not the final one. In Revelation 17:12,13 it states that the 10 kings hand over their power to the Beast during the destruction of Babylon. If this is the Vatican, then she is destroyed at the beginning of the Tribulation and most likely, the pope is killed as he lives there. This then can’t be the Vatican as the pope has to be alive to fulfill the False Prophet or second Beast of Revelation 13:11. Another reason it can’t be Rome or the Vatican is because if it is destroyed at the beginning of the Tribulation, then the Revived Roman Empire is seriously damaged and partially submerged in the Mediterranean Sea before the Antichrist is even able to rise to power and rule the world for 7 years.

Is the Catholic pope apart of this all?  He most likely will be the False Prophet (the second beast) that causes all to worship the image of the first beast= Revelation 13:11-15.  The first beast is Antichrist Revelation 13:1. And as we see the first beast/Antichrist comes out of the Mediterranean Sea.  This is the Union for the Mediterranean.

The 7 hills the woman sits upon represent the 7 continents, or world dominion.  Not mere hills- therefore not just papal Rome.  The Greek word used in this verse represents large land mass area.  Revelation 17:9.  As in verse 1 of the same chapter explains that this whore sits upon many waters= nationalities, nation states.  Not just one city such as Rome. Papal/Pagan Rome was just another partial fulfillment of this prophecy.  The final fulfillment is to come.


The Union for the Mediterranean has a President of the North (currently the E.U.) and a President of the South (currently Jordan). This is according to Daniel 11:36-45. This part of Daniel 11 is known to be about the future Antichrist and what will happen in this area during the 70th week. Many modern Bible teachers say that the Antichrist is the king of the north. But this is impossible because in Daniel 11:40 it specifically states that the king of the north and the king of the south push back against Antichrist and his forces. However, if you consider the Union for the Mediterranean and how they have a president (king) of the north and a president (king) of the south this opens up this passage quite clearly. In verse 41, it states that Antichrist will go into the Glorious land (Israel) and the Jews will escape to Edom and Moab and Ammon which is modern day Jordan. This makes sense then that Jordan would be the king of the south and pushes back against Antichrist forces. In verse 45, Antichrist plants his tabernacle in most likely the valley of Megiddo which would be a military headquarters. This explains why the kings of the east march into this area for battle as this is Antichrist’s headquarters.

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