America, Mystery Babylon: Part 4

Once a golden cup in the hands of God through her Protestant/Evangelical Christianity from the 1700s to the 1950s; where she translated the Bible in all languages, sent missionaries out to all the earth, and was a nation who nationally accepted Biblical morals, has now become a cup of filth and abomination spreading deviancy and occult filth throughout the earth through our entertainment industry and government.  Revelation 17:4,5/ Jeremiah 51:7.  This is due to the Deep State Illuminati/Freemasonry infiltration and their assault upon the cultural fabric of our Christian heritage.  

God judges America because of the normal everyday people who have left Biblical Christianity.  God does not judge her because of corrupt secret society leaders and bankers who have infiltrated and destroyed this nation.  Once the everyday people reject His Word, then the apostasy has completed and judgment comes.  There has always been evil, and evil elites, but God deals with the everyday man and woman.  In these last days of Babylon, Christians will not change the cultural fabric, as there will be no national revival.  Jeremiah 51:8,9.  
Christians can only focus on their individual salvation, as collective salvation is not going to happen to this country.  This means fortifying your individual personal relationship with God the Father through Christ Jesus.  Just as Paul warned Timothy in those two books (1 and 2 Timothy), collectively the Church will fail and in the end when it does, an individual has to hang on to their personal salvation as all else is futile 2 Timothy 3:12-15. We are in this stage now.  I see a remnant of Christians hanging onto the Truth: the Word of God and Christ being the only Way to the Father through His shed blood.  These true Christians are becoming fewer and far between.  These Christians cross man-made denominational associations as they are the only true Philadelphians.   These Christians will be raptured right when the destruction of Mystery Babylon (America) occurs. Revelation 18:4, 23/ Revelation 3:7-10/ Jeremiah 51:45

Why the time is now and not later: While there is prophesied to be mockers and scoffers (most recently within the Churches themselves) regarding Christ’s second coming, He is coming again.  2 Peter 3:3-17.  This is known to be the time because of the swift movement God has had in favoring the Jews recently.  It has been 73 years since they once again became a nation, and then they sat waiting.  Now God is moving in a dramatic way with them.  The fact that God is moving this swiftly is a sign of the fig leaves Matthew 24:32,33.  

 The fact that the churches still teach forms of replacement theology (that all prophecy regarding Israel as past fulfilled) and the Church is focused on themselves (Church growth movement, New Age infiltration, self-help psycho-babble, social justice warriors) will set the people up to not notice the movement God has had working within the Jewish nation, this will set them up to not notice these signs and have the second coming of Christ be as a thief in the night.  Matthew 24:42-46/ 1 Thessalonians 5:1,2

The fabric of our culture is very liberal and the younger generation is ready for the occult religion.  True Biblical Christianity will not exist in 50 years if God doesn’t intervene.  God promises that He would not let the gates of hell prevail over the Church, so His second coming must take place before that can happen Matthew 16:18.  There can’t be a revival upon the youth as the secret occult societies control the internet via the Deep State and all aspects of our lives in such a way as never before in history.  We are censored and controlled like no other generation, as the book 1984 predicted.  They will use the civil arm of government to outlaw Christianity as it is done in China with their social media spy system.  Christianity is considered intolerant.  They will remove all access to things on the internet that expose truth as they are already now doing on YouTube, Facebook etc. The books have been thrown out.  The youth are oblivious that history is being rewritten online.  The internet is not a source of truth anymore, but of manipulation via algorithims.  

Once the Baby Boomer generation dies off, which is soon, Christianity will be wiped off.  The majority of the young will let what little remnant of Christianity go if Christ doesn’t start the Tribulation soon.  The young do not support Israel (Ocasio-Cortez and Omar are examples now in politics) and the support for Israel will be gone once the Boomers die.  Christian Zionism is what many fundamental pastors now preach against. However just 30 years ago, Christian Zionism was an idea most evangelical Christians embraced and espoused as church doctrine. The flip amongst Christians to the opposite has almost happened overnight. 

Christian Zionism has been preserving Israel for such a time as this, the future 70th week of Daniel.  Once the support is gone, Israel will be wiped off by her neighbors, which God says is not going to happen for His Names’ sake.  Although God does say that the entire world will consider Jerusalem a burden stone (Zechariah 12: 2,3) and come against her.  We are almost at this now as the apostate Churches leaves support of her.  Look at the recent swing of support Democrats have had this election cycle.  For the first time ever, most Democrats did not show up to attend AIPAC 2019 (Jewish lobby).  This was huge.  The old Vanguards of the Democrat party (like Pelosi and Schumer) are in their 70s and 80s.  They can’t hold back the radical freshmen much longer whom consider Israel an enemy state and support the Palestinians.

Recent surveys show only about 30% of the Baby Boomers even maintain any shred of Christianity they grew up with, with most blending New Age beliefs into their Christian beliefs which is totally unbiblical.  They were the first wicked generation to bring about the time of the end (sexual revolution).  This is another sign of the end.

 God’s Word says that the Jews will return, and the time of the Gentiles trodding down the place (controlling Jerusalem) will end.  Luke 21:24/Daniel 2.  If Israel is once again diluted, and Gentiles/Arabs are allowed to colonize the place, this would make God’s Word null and void -which is impossible.  This is another sign the end is soon.  This means that a hard line Jewish leader will emerge soon and put the Jewish state under Torah Law- fulfilling the Matthew chapter 24 prophecy where Jesus warns that the Jews having to flee the Antichrist on a Sabbath would be a terrible thing.

All the doomsday preachers setting dates (which no one knows the day or hour) of Christ’s Second coming did was desensitize the youth to the Second Coming.  

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