America, Mystery Babylon: Part 2

12. America’s mystery religion is Freemasonry/secret society groups with arcane occult knowledge.  Even the Freemasons themselves consider their religion a “mystery” religion according to their own writings= Revelation 17:5. In their writings (Sir Francis Bacon and Manly P. Hall) America has always been their New Atlantis.  This explains the mysterious passage in Scripture Zechariah 5:1-11.

 The occult teachings left the plain of Shinar (ancient Babylon) and set up their temple somewhere else to the west (America).  Atlantis is an ancient memory of the tower of Babel that was built over in Babylon, on the Euphrates river on an island in the river that had a natural spring.  This island was known outside of Babylon as ancient Erech Genesis 10:10.  According to the ancient Babylonians this island city was known as Eridu and the dynasty of the gods was brought down to them there (through the fallen angels).  Nimrod built this spiritual gateway to the gods there.  This island eventually sunk. America (Babylon) will also sink after her fire judgment sometime in the Tribulation. This could have something to do with the conspiracy that causes the Gog and Magog battle that comes against Christ at the END of the Millennial Reign Revelation 20:8-9, when satan is loosed for a season. This could be the delusion satan tells the people about a beautiful, advanced, enchanted civilization that existed but Christ destroyed it sinking it in the ocean. Then satan may twist this into sounding as if Christ destroyed this sunken city for no reason and that the people were punished unjustly, which causes the rebellion at the end of the Millennial Reign. This is the same mystery religion teaching of Atlantis that occult adepts believe now.

This is all happening now because the apostasy of the Church is now almost complete.  There is no remedy or reform for apostasy- only judgment.  The book of Nahum explains this.  Nineveh is an example of the ecclesiastical condition of a Gentile nation prior to destruction.  A nation that had Christian truth, but rejected it.  Remember, 150 years prior, Jonah was sent to preach there and they repented and were spared destruction (book of Jonah).  They were spared because they repented.  However, realize that they had no prior knowledge of truth before Jonah.  They were ancient pagans.  In the book of Nahum, they left the truth and are destroyed.  This describes America’s history of Christian founding and truth known, then slowly rejected. By the way, Nineveh was the ancient capital of Assyria, the northern kingdom section of Babylon.  They were one and the same culture and kingdom as the southern Babylonian kingdom ruled from Babylon.

The Babylonian doctrine teaches that America has 3 legs of power:  ecclesiastical, political/military, economic.  America fits all parameters and there will be no other that does.  The ecclesiastical state religion of Babylon is the one of the New Age Mystery religions- an ancient occult Luciferian doctrine, the doctrine of the Illuminati and other secret societies.  This is also being pushed in Media and Hollywood.  Witchcraft and the occult are growing in leaps and bounds while Biblical Christianity is diminishing.  All of the denominations are apostate from what they originally taught not just 125 years ago.  Most all mainline denominations are caught up with social justice causes to save the planet and teach this as Christian doctrine when in fact, Jesus didn’t teach this.  Jesus taught salvation from this world through faith in His shed blood Romans 5:9. This is the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15:1-9. Jesus’ message of salvation was not trying to make this world perfect.

In addition to New Age philosophy leavened inside the Christian churches, there are also groups emerging that hearken back to the ancient Judaizers (Hebrew Roots Movement) who add legalistic rules and law keeping upon the Gospel of Christ and His Law of Grace.  This is another Gospel that Paul warned us about in Galatians 1:7-9. This is because we are in the last death spasms of the churches.

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