America, Mystery Babylon: Part 3


During the destruction of Babylon, Europe will convene an emergency meeting and ten kings will hand over in one hour their power to a military/political figure.  This is the Antichrist. Revelation 17:12,13, 16-18

This means England will not leave the E.U. as she is a part of the ancient Roman Empire.  Brexit will fail, as Boris Johnson is a trojan horse.  The Antichrist will emerge out of this revived Roman Empire. This Revived Roman Empire is THE UNION FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN which was founded in 2008. This Union will fill the power vacuum once America and Russia are destroyed. In fact, in the economic stimulus that was given out for the Covid-19 pandemic, it is being unveiled that much of the 2 trillion went to European banks.

THE UNION FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN = This is the coalition of 10 leaders who have power as kings in Revelation 17:12. This Union is a compilation of the European Union, Northern Africa and the Levant including Israel. Libya’s membership is suspended at the moment and so is Syria’s. This is because of the civil wars going on within these two nations. This Union the true Revived Roman Empire and includes all her original territories. Further on in this study it will be shown why this Union will be complicit in the attack on Mystery Babylon and how they sucked America dry and used her and will then watch her burn.

No one knows for sure who the Antichrist/Beast is but is highly likely it is someone from the Royal family of England as they have genealogies showing that they descend from the ancient tribe of DAN through the Merovingian bloodlines, which Diana was also descended from.  However, the royals have faked their genealogies in order for them to say they have descended from the tribe of JUDAH AND ARE OF THE BLOODLINE OF DAVID. This is according to the Knight’s Templar and secret society teachings regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus going to ancient France and producing children who then married into the Merovingian kings in this area, also known as the Fisher kings. This is an ancient old heresy that the old serpent the devil, has crafted in order to set the stage for the Antichrist to claim he has royal lineage and is the rightful Jewish Messiah. This is to counterfeit Christ Jesus’ true royal bloodline listed in the books of Matthew and Luke.

The Danites are destined to produce Antichrist, and from them one will emerge who will bite the Jews in the last days according to the prophecy of Genesis chapter 49:16,17.  This was because the tribe of Dan was the first tribe to fall to idolatry once they entered into the land of Canaan and they were cursed for this Judges 18:30/1 Kings 12:2, 30/2 Kings 10:29. The ancient Greeks claim they descend from the Danites and there is historical evidence from ancient writers such as Josephus that say this is so.  Prince Phillip is a Habsburg by blood, and his parents were the king and queen of Greece prior to WWI.  The Freemasonry/Illuminati groups emerged from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mystery religion and this is the arcane occult knowledge that will be the New World Order religion, the religion of the Royals of Europe and other elites.  Most Christians classify this secret mystery religion as “New Age”.  This New Age religion is currently being promoted amongst the Qanon crowd as the Christ consciousness and mankind defeating the evil elites and entering into a Nesara and Gesara period which are actually the occult teachings from secret mystery religions.

The Danites are the only tribe missing from the lineup in Revelation chapter 7:1-8.  This is because their genetic markers are not apart of the 144,000 sealed Jews who proclaim Christ during the 7 year Tribulation. The Danites re-emerge in the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel. These are the Danites that died in the Old Testament that stayed in the land and had faith, not those that left and went sea faring.

Israel is not in God’s will as far as their rejection of Messiah Jesus and their false rabbinical religion called Judaism.  God will manifest truth to them (only a remnant) during the 70th week of Daniel commonly called the 70th week of Daniel.  So for all those who say there is a Zionist Conspiracy, and the Jews run the world and reject Israel as God’s chosen people, remember this is not for their sakes, but for God’s Name’s sake. Isaiah 48:9-12/ Psalm 106:8/1 Samuel 12:22/ Ezekiel 20:9.  In other words, His Reputation is being kept and He keeps all of His promises despite humans messing up and blowing it.  In the Tribulation they (the Jews who are all physical Israel now) will have to go through hell on earth literally before they finally recognize Christ Jesus as their Messiah.  This isn’t a cup of tea, so it isn’t like God choses them because they are so special and great- they are not, as all men fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23.  

Not every Jew, only a remnant which represents all 12 tribes- a.k.a. All Israel will be saved Romans chapters 9:27, 10, 11.  DNA will be unveiled in the near future revealing all 12 tribal genetic markers within the Jewish people today according to Revelation 7.  It is only the Jews that have went back into the land that a remnant will come out of in this Tribulation period and be saved.  The Jews who stay in the foreign lands and refuse to make Aliyah (going up= immigrating back into the land) will not be in the remnant as their refusal to immigrate shows their lack of belief in God’s promises. Ezekiel 20: 34-38/ Malachi 3: 2-4
This also dispels any kind of replacement theology whether it is British/Anglo Israelism or that the Church is Israel now.  It is not, the Church is the body/Bride of Christ, Israel is the wife. The Church is Israel spiritually only not physically. The coming 1,000 Millennial Reign of Christ coming after the Tribulation is the Israelitish kingdom coming.

Israel has built all the Temple instruments to re-establish the Mosaic Law once their third Temple is constructed.  Two red heifers were born in fall of 2018 and their ashes are needed to purify the Temple before sacrifices are reinstated.

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