America, Mystery Babylon: Part 1

by America is Babylon written in 2020


Who or what is the final Babylon, Mystery Babylon?  For centuries this was taught to be fulfilled by Rome and the Catholic Church.  While the Vatican (Rome) is a form of Babylon, they are not the last Mystery Babylon.  Roman Catholicism is just another shadow fulfillment of Mystery Babylon throughout the eras.  Prophecy is not just predictions, it is patterns/layers of fulfillment.  In certain aspects, Islam is Mystery Babylon as well. To a degree, all the pagan religions and nations on the earth throughout history have certain aspects that fulfill the embodiment of Mystery Babylon.  

While most will deny this possibility, America also fits all parameters of Mystery Babylon.  Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51 along with Revelation chapters 17 &18; and Isaiah chapter 13, 21: 1-10, and chapter 47 describe Mystery Babylon’s condition and character right up to the moment of her destruction.  

America is the only true super power nation to have ever existed, according to globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book “The Grand Chessboard”(chapter 7).  His only warning was that if Russia returned to a strong arm leader such as Vladimir Putin, and a shared grievance between Russia, China, and perhaps Iran manifested against America, then the world would become an extremely dangerous place for America (Chapter 2).  We see this shared grievance has now manifested (energy/resource competition against America), and now North Korea joins them.  According to him, America is the last truly global superpower (Chapter 7).  This man was not Christian, but a Globalist.  Yes, Russia plans to attack when the time is most beneficial for them.  It will be a purely nuclear missile attack but not a foot soldier invasion.  The Rapture of the Church will take place the moment that this assault occurs Jeremiah 50:28; 51:6, 45/ Revelation 18:4, 23.

America will be devastated by the nuclear aftermath and will not need to be invaded as the chaos, loss of power/food and medical will kill off most of the American populace within a few months. Babylon will be known to be desolate and only a place of wild beasts and demons after this destruction.  Sometime after her fire destruction, Babylon will be sunk in the ocean as she is rewarded a double portion judgment Jeremiah 51:42/Revelation 16:18-20; 14:8. This sinking will happen sometime in the 70th week of Daniel.


Here are some highlights of those chapters in the Bible describing Babylon, and I urge every reader to look these up themselves to see if they are so.

1. Babylon will be fanned or “winnowed” by a fifth column of foreigners who care nothing for her ideals and culture.  She will have these foreigners become a parasitic class sucking off of the state and its citizens.  =  Fulfilled now with our immigrants and communist/welfare classes. This means the southern border will be wide open.  Jeremiah 51:2

2. While Babylon is mentioned to have great forts or military walls (which are military establishments), she is a land of unwalled villages. = Fulfilled with Trump not accomplishing the Wall being built on the southern border, nor will he get it built.  This passage in Ezekiel goes back and forth from speaking about the nation Israel and another land (Mystery Babylon) with goods, cattle, spoils, riches and people dwelling with no worries.  This is why the wall being built is triggering all the hysteria as it is a spiritual battle, not political.  Ezekiel 38: 1-8, 10-12

3. Babylon is to be destroyed in one day and in one hour; suddenly by an enemy from the north. = to be fulfilled by Russia who has re-armed herself these past 30 years since the phony fall of the Soviet Union.  God allows her weapons to be accurate and deadly.  Putin has recently bragged that his nuclear weapons’ technologies are superior.  They are geographically north, and would launch a nuclear assault over the North Pole onto America. Jeremiah 50:41,42

4. for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour = This could possibly be the Russia Collusion accusations against President Trump and both of his impeachments. It could also be speaking towards the voter fraud the Democrats perpetrated against Trump to place Biden in. Jeremiah 51:46.  

The verse then states that there will be “violence in the land”= this could be the current protests/race riots that are taking place now (2020) as well as more civil unrest and general lawlessness. Revelation 17:6

The verse then says “ruler against ruler= Liberal vs. Conservative/ Democrat vs. Republican/ Deep State vs. Patriots/ Leftist vs. Rightwing/ Governors vs. the President.

5. Babylon’s military will be crippled at the moment of destruction, unable to retaliate. Jeremiah 50:27, 29, 30, 32/ Jeremiah 51: 30, 31

Compare this with reports out of our own Pentagon claiming America would not win a conventional war with Russia or China. We also have the issue of the forced vaccination upon our military.

6. Babylon’s foreigners will flee to their own lands once the destruction begins=  This is the Latin American foreigners who are only here for economic benefits.  They will run south of the border in order to flee the destruction. Jeremiah 50:16

7. Babylon is associated with plagues and massive genocide= Before she is destroyed, Babylon conducts a mass killing spree. She is filled with the blood of the martyrs and saints Revelation 17:6. While abortion could be considered a form of killing innocent saints, we have another situation arising, the Covid-19 vaccine. This vaccine is being extraordinarily pushed upon the American and western European populations. Coincidentally, the vaccines offered are all gene therapies. They manipulate the genetic makeup of the cells to produce spike proteins. The vaccine will end up causing the plagues spoken of that Babylon is filled with Revelation 18:4. Many whistleblowers are coming forward warning that these vaccines will cause heart failure, prion disease and eventual and premature death. This has already manifested as true. Babylon is a nation that deceives other nations by her sorceries= the Greek word is pharmakeia. We get the word pharamceutical from this root Greek word. Babylon pushes a drug upon the people that will make them sick and kill them Revelation 18:23. These gene therapy vaccines are not pushed upon the Russian people or even the Chinese. They have developed the traditional vaccines using the inactivated virus method. This is how the traditional polio, diphtheria, pertussis vaccines are developed. The inactivated virus method is not a gene therapy. Their people are getting vaccine choice. also came out in 2013 and said by 2024 the American population would be reduced by 3/4 and the European population would be reduced by half. There is more protest and backlash from the vaccine mandate in Europe than in America. Many foolish Christians have believed the medical establishment and taken the vaccine. This is the martyrdom.

8. Babylon’s young men will flee and not stand and fight and our military will stand down during the attack=  The push of feminism and toxic masculinity has destroyed our young men’s sense of valiant pride and their will to fight. A great number of youth in the United States are foreign, or children of foreigners, with no patriotism. Isaiah 13:6-8/Jeremiah 51:30.

9. Babylon will be at the height of her economic power with no economic recession/depression until the moment of destruction. = While many doomsday economic prognosticators keep pushing imminent economic collapse, it will not happen.  Despite all the fear mongering that the stock market is crashing- it will not.  This is just to scare people.  Total economic failure will only come with war during Babylon’s destruction. Revelation 18: 17-19. Despite the Covid-19 shutdown, America is injured, but not totally economically destroyed. She is still the world economic might. This is not to say that this Covid-19 shutdown and the stimulus package will not in the future hurt our economy because it will. So this must mean Babylon is destroyed before total economic collapse occurs. Since we know this economic downturn will come in the near future, and the elites are plotting the Great Reset and a digital currency, which would take away the dollar, this must mean the destruction is near.

10. Babylon will reach into the heavens and build her nest as an eagle = Our national emblem is the phoenix eagle and we have went to the heavens first, with satellites and our space station.  Jeremiah 49:16. While the actual moon landing may be fake, the Americans have control and domination over satellites in space around earth.

11. Babylon is the hindermost of the nations and was birthed from England= the word ‘hindermost’ means the most recent of the nations which the United States is and England was our mother. Jeremiah 50:12

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