Babylon’s Genocide: The covid-19 vaccine

The Bible is very clear according to Revelation 17:6, that before Babylon is destroyed at the beginning of the Tribulation, she commits genocide against her people.  Babylon is also accused of having caused plagues upon her people Revelation 18:4. 

We also read in Jeremiah 50:13 that after Babylon’s destruction, the nations of the world will hiss at her plagues. 

We read that she is full of the blood of saints and martyrs Revelation 17:6. Historically this has been taught to be Rome. While Rome is a type of fulfillment of Babylon, just as ancient Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar was a fulfillment, they are not the final fulfillment. American elites and government will collude to commit an atrocity on her people. 

I am sad to say this genocide is taking place now. The Covid vaccine is the fulfillment. Not only is the vaccine maiming and killing good Christians who were fooled into taking it, we also hear of hospitals committing medical malpractice because they refuse to treat Covid with over the counter drugs such as Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. They are forcing many people on ventilators and killing them. Many Christians have died in the hospital due to this murderous campaign. I personally know of two Christians murdered this way. Many people have needlessly lost lives due to this injurious medical malpractice. Most of the blame can be laid upon the hospital administrations and bureaucracy following the CDC, FDA, and AMA guidelines to treat Covid. This type of red tape the bureaucracy puts up forces doctors to go along with these disastrous protocols for fear of being fired, or the hospital not receiving the insurance payout due to unapproved medical billing and coding.

Now Babylon is after the children. With forced vaccine mandates leaked information is getting out through social media and alternative media about the harms these vaccines are having on the children. Many people are seeing first hand the damages of these experimental toxic jabs. 

We also have to consider the decades old practice of infanticide through abortion that has been taking place in this nation. This is a direct killing of the saints. This makes me suspect that the abortion law will never be truly struck down by the Supreme Court. Babylon has to fulfill her destiny. 

Not only does Babylon kill her own people, God accuses her of trafficking her sorceries to the nations of the world and deceiving them by them Revelation 18:23,24. In verse 23 we read the word “sorceries”. This word translates from the Greek into “pharmakeia”. This is where we get our word pharmaceuticals. In other words, Babylon is in the market of drug peddling. We see that the three major corporations responsible for the manufacturing of the Covid-19 vaccine are American corporations. These are Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna. Coincidentally Astrazeneca, which is European, has been sidelined due to it causing massive harm through blood clots.  Notice that these vaccine makers are pushing the experimental mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) or the viral vector DNA (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine methods. These corporations are in lucrative financial agreements to traffic this vaccine worldwide just like verse 24 says. Not only is Babylon killing Americans, she is killing many people worldwide. It is also the American taxpayers’ money that is financing this atrocity through the wicked government funding the vaccine campaigns, not only here but worldwide. 

We know through the writings of the elites that they advocate population reduction. The Georgia Guidestones reveal their true world aspirations. Many of them have wrote books about it. This is exactly their goal through the Great Reset. While we may see them wanting to depopulate, could it be that they are targeting the first world nations because of the still small presence of Christianity in them? While the American and European churches are for sure lukewarm and apostate, there is still a freedom to obtain the Bible and to conduct worship for the remnant believers. I believe Babylon is attempting to snuff out Christianity once and for all before the Beast arises.

More evidence that the vaccine is the vehicle Babylon uses to come against God’s people is the mandates themselves. People are being forced into them against their free will. Christian exemptions are being denied. In fact, I know of a personal case where a Christian exemption was denied but the same company approved a religious exemption for a scientologist. Many Christians have been forced or will soon be forced to succumb to this mandate or lose their ability to provide for their families. This is nothing other than soft kill murder. We read in Jeremiah 50:11 God accuses Babylon of being destroyers of His heritage. The true Christians are His heritage. 

In Jeremiah 50:28 God accuses Babylon of hurting His Temple. God specifically tells of taking His vengeance out on Babylon for this harm against His temple. Have we forgotten that in this Church age, our bodies are the temples of God?  This vaccine manipulating and changing our DNA is directly destroying our bodily temples. It is desecrating our bodily temples. God takes vengeance upon Babylon for her doing this to the people. Only in this recent age of mad science could this have been fulfilled. God mentions several times throughout the Jeremiah chapters that this is one of the reasons He decides to raise up enemies against Babylon Jeremiah 51:6,11,35,36,56

Many are fearing the vaccine is the mark of the Beast. However, there are elements missing. We do not have Antichrist yet revealed, and the seals have not been broken. We also do not have the vaccine being given in the right hand or the forehead. We do not have the element of worshipping the Antichrist or his image in conjunction with the giving of the vaccine. The vaccine is a precursor to the mark. While the vaccine may manipulate and damage your DNA, it will not cause you to lose salvation if you have taken it. Do not fear, your salvation is secure in the blood of Christ Jesus. Forgiveness and sanctification can be had by the blood of Jesus Ephesians 1:7/ Hebrews 13:12. While you may not be spared side effects or death the vaccine may cause, you will still have your eternal security. Many Christians will die right before the Rapture due to foolishly taking the vaccine. This is a sad but true fact.

Will the mandates continue?  Odds are yes. Babylon has to fulfill her murder spree. It looks like the genocide takes place shortly before the Tribulation and Rapture. We can pray and hope that there is a way out of the mandates for those actively seeking this through prayer. I can guarantee you that God will provide a way out for His people. However, you may lose all earthly possessions and lifestyles that you were once accustomed to. My suggestions to all readers is that they stockpile enough food and supplies to squeak by without income coming in. I do not feel it will be for years and years. It may be only for the next 12 months – 2 years. If you are in a state heavily enforcing the mandate, move now. Get to a state that is fighting the mandates, and where there is more work for non vaccinated people.  If you are unable to move, and unable to stockpile, you may still have to flee suddenly and leave everything behind. This is a terrible thought for those who have invested their life savings into property and assets that keep them tied to a state that is mandating these. If you can, become your own boss and provide your own income to avoid the mandates as long as possible.  Eventually, if God doesn’t start the Tribulation within the next 2 years, we may see the situation where we are rounded up. God forbid, but this is possible. However we are not to be in fear. Fear is not of God, but of the devil 1 John 4:18. Live your lives day by day and in the moment being thankful for all things Philippians 4:6,7. Do not stress about what may come. It may not come to that, God may intervene with the Babylonian destruction before that occurs. 

What about Russia, China, Iran and the Muslim nations? Are they poisoning their people with gene therapy vaccines?  The answer is no. Russia developed Sputnik V and Sputnik Lite. This is a viral vector DNA vaccine. However, they also developed Covivac, an inactivated virus vaccine. The inactivated virus method is a traditional method of taking the virus, weakening it then adding adjuvants with it to produce an immune response. This is how all traditional vaccines are made such as the smallpox or polio vaccines. While there can be some harm in traditional vaccines through adjuvants, they are not near as toxic as the mRNA or DNA viral Vector vaccines. Their people have free choice with what vaccine they want to take. Russia has also not mandated the vaccine upon her people anyways. China has produced two separate vaccines that are inactivated virus method, these are Sinovac and Sinopharm. China also has a few vaccines available that are subunit vaccines which are not genetic manipulations but are not inactivated or attenuated virus vaccines either. All this information can be found online, as well as where these vaccines are available. The WHO just internationally approved China’s Sinovac vaccine. Russia and China are exporting their inactivated virus vaccines to many Latin American countries including Mexico as well as to Middle Eastern nations. Turkey, Egypt, India and many other nations are receiving choice of inactivated virus vaccines. In America, we do not get vaccine choice. We are forced into the gene therapy vaccines. God will spare the Russians, Muslim hordes and China from receiving the toxic vaccines in order for them to come against America the Babylon in the near future. 

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