The Seals of Revelation and the 2,300 Days…

Back in July of 2019, Ramzam Kadyrov (the President of Chechnya) released a propaganda CGI movie trailer depicting him on a white horse, dressed in full medieval armor, leading his army (also on horses) to war. There were also fire-breathing dragons in his army. The army was marching across the steppes of Chechnya. He stated that this was a message of warning to the West. Remember, Ramzam is sunni Muslim, as is the majority of Chechnya.

A few months later, in October of 2019, Kim Jong Un also rode atop a white horse to the Korean’s sacred mountain Mount Paektu in Korea. He stated that the United States would receive a surprise by the end of the year. In the beginning of December 2019, Kim once again rode atop a white horse, along with his sister and major generals, to the same sacred Korean mountain. Kim again stated that the United States would receive a gift by Christmas. Military analysts suggested that this move was meant to impress the Korean nation with the understanding that Kim was a god on earth and that he was moving Korea forward to a grand destiny. This move was viewed as being spiritual, and based upon the ancient pagan beliefs that existed in Korea before Communism took over.

This maneuver could be the fulfillment of the white horse unleashed upon the earth according to Revelation 6:1. What is meant by going forth conquering and to conquer. The Muslim and Communist global agenda has gradually been implemented in the western Christian nations for over a 100 years now. Covid-19 has taken it to a whole new level of urgency, however. The last stages are the most diabolical according to their own writings. They speak of massive depopulation. This is exactly what the seals say will happen, massive depopulation. It must mean Covid-19 will be used to conquer and subjugate the masses.

4 months later, we were put in the first Covid-19 lockdown. Things have been escalating ever since. Was this the beginning of Revelation chapter 6, the first seal being opened?

Russia Rising

In September of 2020, a decades old bitterness between Armenia and Azerbaijan broke out in warfare. This went on a few months with Armenia surrendering their territory to Azerbaijan and inviting Russia to come in as a peace-keeping presence. This aligns with Scriptures. According to the Bible, America is the final fulfillment of Mystery Babylon. In Jeremiah 51:27, 28, we read that the areas of Ararat, Minni, and Ashchenaz, are to be taken over by the Kings of the Medes. The Medes were ancient Russians. These ancient Russians migrated south and allied with the Persians forming the Medo-Persian empire. Ararat is ancient Amenia according to scholars. Russia coming in and telling Armenia that they will build a bigger base in their nation for peace keeping. This is lining up with the Scriptures that this area will be under Median influence and control in the last days before the Medes and Persians strike the Babylon (America). Ashchenaz is the ancient word for the Ukraine. In 2014, Putin invaded the Crimea area and took over. He also agitated the Ukraine east of the Dnieper River, causing guerrilla warfare in the area of Donbass. This is exactly according to prophecy. Russia will invade Ukraine totally and set up camp there in the near future. They will at least take over the eastern half of the nation east of the Dnieper river. The area of Minni is the area which is around the current country of Georgia and Chechnya and Lake Urmia of Iran. This area will be next for Putin to move into militarily. Russia must be in full control of these three strategic areas before she launches her surprise attack against America the Babylon.

In 2020 a rumor circulated claiming that Putin had early stages of Parkinson’s disease. This was circulated in Western media because Putin was seen on camera shaking and trembling as he sipped a glass of water. In Jeremiah 51:11, we read that the Lord raises up the spirits of the kings of the Medes against Babylon. These are demons. Christians have known about demonic entities having control or influence over nations and leaders. These demons have earthly territories as Daniel tells us. Russia brushed off the accusations and said that this was made up by Western media outlets. However, it is according to the Scriptures. Putin does not have Parkinson’s, he has now been possessed by the evil serpentine kundalini spirit and we know the name of this particular demon. His name is Gog (Ezekial 38:2,3). Evidence of demonic possession by the serpentine spirit, which he likely gained through his occult and mystic martial arts practices, can be gained through meditation and yoga. This possession manifests in erratic and spastic body movements, body tremblings, and facial ticks. Hilary Clinton has been seen to have these same spastic episodes when she was running as president aginst Trump. Angela Merkel has been videoed displaying the same jerking, spastic episodes. Since destruction is not far off. Putin will now display warmongering, bloodthirsty, behavior. I suspect that this will be satisfied through retaking the Ukraine, Armenia, and Georgia, and then finally taking on America the Babylon.

The 2300 days…..

There is a strange verse (Daniel 8:14) that has stood out to many Christians. SDA prophecy teaches this to mean 2300 years, and apply these years to the date the decree made by King Cyrus to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem went forth. They come to the year of 1844 for Christ’s return. This was known as the Great Disappointment as Christ didn’t return. When their false prophecy never played out, they explained the verse to mean the Investigative Judgment doctrine the church now officially teaches. This is also false.

This verse is illuminated in the Bullinger Companion Bible (E.W. Bullinger) to be interpreted as literal days, not years. The earth is also known as the sanctuary. This means that if we reckon the days backwards from the cleansing of the sanctuary (Christ coming back to earth), we see the beginning of the 2300 days starting 220 days before the start of the 7 years (2520 days) 2520-2300= 220. Now these days would be calculated according to the Jewish year days of 360 days. Bullinger states that it is not clear what triggers this 2300 day prophecy other than a political crisis. He also links this political crisis between the ram (ancient Persia) with the he-goat (ancient Greece), because this is what chapter 8 is talking about.

Now, many will say this was already fulfilled through Alexander the Great when he defeated the Persian empire. Others teach this verse to mean the word “days” to be translated as “morning and evening sacrifices”. They say that this was already fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes when he set up the statue of Zeus in the Temple and sacrificed a pig on the altar. Both of these teachings are true, but what if there is another future final fulfillment? Prophecy is repeated patterns throughout history.

In this light, it is extremely important to understand that there is tension between Greece and Turkey over who owns the islands and water territory between them in the Aegean Sea. There are oil and gas reserves in these water territories. There is a boundary dispute going on. In fact, the US has rejected Turkey’s demands that a separate Turkish state be instituted on the island of Cyprus. Erdogan stated that his country would only accept a two state solution regarding this island (July 19, 2021). This is causing tension between Turkey and her NATO allies. I suspect that Turkey will be rejected out of NATO for an attempt or maneuver to claim this island as her own. Erdogan has threatened that he will explore and operate oil endeavors in this area despite EU opposition and Greek protest. Could a political crisis between Greece and Turkey be what ends up triggering the 2300 days?

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